Photography and depression

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For the longest time I have been a creative person, always trying out stuff, finding out how they work.

As a kid I loved to take things apart I remember taking apart a telephone and curious of how it worked, keeping an eye of all the pieces and how they were assembled so i could put them back together, and the same happened with art how the texture of paint mixes with other colors, or how you can form 3d shapes with sculpy.

Raised in Mexico city there was no art teaching or even the simplest foundation of how to draw, so when i was 10 i picked up an issue of The Amazing Spider-Man and right then and there The cover of that comic book showed me the possibility that there was something more to drawing than simple doodles, that there was something that i could excel at.

Through high school i was getting better and better at human anatomy and drawing things and learned all by my self perspective and shading.

By the time I was 16 I was searching my voice in drawing and playing guitar when my father was in a car accident and left him like a 5 year old who me and my sister and brother with the help of my dad's side of the family taught him how to do everything even walk, and that was how depression started for me.

All my worry's, frustrations, denial, sadness to see that great guy my hero being ripped apart from my memory made me a true creative person.

Drawing was my escape from the life I had.

Fast forward to 2013 I found myself with no job and in a new country with my wife being admitted almost every month to the hospital because of her lung problems and dealing with the fear of losing her on the transplant.

Photography was my outlet leaving the apartment and just being with myself focusing on 3 things Aperture, Speed, ISO.

Since then the passion of creating and showing the mood I'm in through my photos has been a great way to make my depression livable even fun and forgetting why you are sad in the first place.

Taking medication helps but expressing in a medium like photography the feeling of being in a place of inspiration and seeing how others react to that artform has made me want to continue doing this for ever, even tho sometimes it gets boring.

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