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About me

Ivan Farca

Capturing God's Creation

Ivan is a 40 year old artist who was born in the USA and lived most of his life in Mexico City. As a child he was always searching for creative things to do. When he was about to take his major in architecture, he was advised to go for something bolder and more artistic, so he went to Houston, where he studied 3D animation. Back in Mexico he started to work as a 3D animator and creator of visual effects for commercial and corporate videos, that was maybe the first moment when he discovered the power of photography as a mean of expression. In 2013, due to some mayor health family issues, Ivan quit his job and moved to the USA. By experimenting and doing some artistic jobs he found his hidden talent and love for photography. He was out there with his camera, capturing the beautiful things god has created, and suddenly he experienced one of the richest moments in his life, realizing that he was capable to show and share that creation with the world through images. And he did. Just a few months later, in November Ivan was invited to show his work in an exhibition with other artists, then in December one of his photos was published in Digital Photographer Magazine, and by January, 2014 he had another one as the best photo of the week on the magazine web site. Ivan is a very promising sensitive and creative artist, who loves what he does and thinks that capturing the greatness of God includes "absolutely everything we see and everything we are"

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Arch Rock

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